The aim of forensic oratory is to teach, to delight, to move."                           
 Marcus Tullius Cicero

People speak.  That's what we do.  Each of us has a unique skill in speaking.

Now you can take your unique skill and really do something with it.

If you'd like to win trophies and meet lots of very cool people, then the GCC Speech and Debate Team may be for you.  (Later you'll see that there are also many scholarships available to four-year schools all around the nation.)

We don't want to brag, however, at last year's American Forensic Association Tournament, GCC ranked first among the competing 2-year colleges.

Whether it be a dramatic reading, debate, a spontaneous speech or persuasion... we're looking for you. 

And now you've found us.

Now, before you ask, you don't have to be a speech major.  In fact, some of our strongest competitors aren't speech majors.  (But don't tell them that we said that.)

So, explore this site.  Get to know who we are and what we do.

Then let us know you found us.  Complete the contact page so one of our coaches can contact you.