Glendale Speech and Debate is both a competitive team and a club.  We meet Thursdays from 12:00-1:00 p.m. in AD 242.

You can join without attending meetings; coaches are available at times other than the club meeting time to work with you to prepare you for tournaments.

Unit credit is available for participating on the speech team.  See the "Classes" page.

We attend approximately 20 tournaments a year from September to the end of April.  Tournaments run on weekends, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Some are one day, some two, some three.  You choose which tournaments and which days you attend.  Tournaments are as close as Pasadena and L.A. Valley and as far away as San Diego.  Some are out-of-state.  Usually competitors must qualify to attend the out-of-state tournaments.

Contact information for the coaches may be found on the "Coaches" page.